Monday, June 20, 2011

Do I or Don't I?....That is the Question

Hello Butterfly Travels. Do you remember me? I am your Mommy. The one who created you. The one who worked long and hard on you. The one who abandoned you. You ask what are my excuses? I only have one: life got away from me. Do you accept my apology?

I am sure I no longer have anyone looking at my website since I have been gone for so long. I was all excited when I got a new look for my blog, but once I got home from Moscow, Russia last summer I didn't have the energy to continue. I am not sure why. I LOVE reading my friends' blogs and even some that I have stubbled across. So, here I sit at my computer trying this blog thing out again.

Once again we find ourselves in Moscow, Russia. Cliff is still working on the same golf course here. We are living in the same Dacha (house) as last summer. So, when we arrived a few weeks ago it felt like we arrived at our summer home. Crazy. It felt very comfortable. The girls knew their rooms and the routine right away. As far as jet leg. We all adjusted so quickly. Probably the quickest ever. I am not a huge fan of jet leg, but this one was doable.

I traveled with the girls alone again. My first attempt was last summer when we left a bit early due to the heat and fires that smogged the city. It went so well that I thought I would try it again. It went very smoothly and the girls are getting to be great travelers. We had our layover in NY and then straight to Moscow from there. Our plan wasn't full on the long flight which allowed each girl to sprawl out when they slept. They slept way longer than normal. It was a nice wind down time for me. I even allowed myself to have a beer and a movie. That DOESN'T normally happen. Yeah for me! :)

Now we are into our Russia schedule. And now I hope to keep up with my blog this summer.

Please check back for our Russia adventures.