Saturday, June 28, 2008

This One is For Scott

Scott and Kira hanging out on a rainy Saturday.
Not a very eventful day. Grocery shopped while the kids played in the indoor playland. Home for naps. Ahmi did make us all an awesome dinner. Thanks Ahmi!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Misc. Pictures

MacKenzie & Madison playing in the sand.
Kira LOVES the beach.
Madison with her new swimsuit. What a bathing beauty!
MacKenzie having a fun time in her new swimsuit. Too cute!
MacKenzie doing some advertising for Scott Greenseth! LOL
Madison & MacKenzie in front of Temple bell.
Can you see the spider webs connecting all of the shrubs? Creeped Ahmi and I out! Remind me to never visit a Temple in the evening! Aracnophobia!
Ajuma talked the Monk's cooks into letting us try some of their cooking. I think this is a rarity. Amazing the things we have experienced because of Ajuma!
Kris & Ahmi out for a walk with my family.
Ahmi taking in the Korean sunset.

Ahmi's Birthday

We have been having such a fun time since Ahmi arrived. I think we have gone some place every day. You would think I would be dropping some poundage with all of the prep I have to do to just get me and my three girls out of the house. Hmmm, could it be all of the awesome food that I have been eating? We have eaten many delicious Korean meals, a seafood buffet, Thai, and Ahmi's homemade stir fry. I think I just gained a pound talking about it. LOL

Yesterday (June 26th) was Ahmi's 31st birthday. We got her a gift certificate for a pedicure (at a local Korean salon) plus 31,000 Won (1,000 Won for each year). She seemed excited about it. We spent a few hours at the beach in the morning and then had a relaxing afternoon with the kids. I also had Cliff pick up a Baskin Robins Ice Cream cake on the way home from work. So, our family of 5 plus 4 little Korean girls...aged 5-9ish (two of them are our neighbors) sang Happy Birthday to Ahmi. Ahmi and I then left Cliff with 7 ice cream eating kids so we could meet up with my new friend, Jenny, for Thai food.

Our neighbor girls (back right and front left)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fish Market

Ajuma took Ahmi and I shopping Monday evening. As soon as Cliff came home the three of us hopped in Ajuma's car and off we went. We went to a shopping district, had a great Korean dinner and then off to the fish market. I can't remember the last time I was out after dark.
HA HA Ajuma was a great tour guide. Lots of giggling done by all.
Ahmi, Kris & Ajuma
Kris & Ahmi in fish market. You could actually sit down and order any crazy sea creature you could think of and they prepare and serve it right there. The waitresses even wear floor length rubber aprons. I did see a lot of soju bottles on tables. Maybe to help a person forget about the smell. LOL
Walking down the streets there are stands set up with so many varites of fish and sea creatures. I sure wish I could bottle up the smell for you all!
A hard working Korean woman with todays catch. Fish anyone?
Ajum informed us that this was whale. Uhm, can you say illegal?

New Hair Cuts

A few BEFORE pictures:
MacKenzie Kay
Madison May
MacKenzie, Madison & Kira
And one of Kira because she is so cute. :)
Drum roll please........

I won't even post a before photo of me. I was feeling pretty shaggy. Aahhh, what a cut and color will do for a woman.
MacKenzie Kay. She LOVED being pampered! She was very excited about her new hair style. This was her first major hair cut. I was more nervous than she was. LOL
Madison was too hot under all of those "blankies" as she called them. Plus someone (we won't mention any names) drank her apple juice pouch. She was NOT happy. But, I asked for some orange juice for her from a salon worker and she thought she was hot stuff with her own GLASS of juice. Too funny. She also LOVED her new hair do.

New Blog Page

Kris & Ahmi having traditional Korean meal with our Korean Angel, Ajum.

Ahmi, Kris and the famous Ajuma. Shopping in Pusan.
Madison, Ahmi, Kris, Kira and MacKenzie at Korean Temple.

Sorry to those of you getting used to my first web site, but it just wasn't turning out how I had pictured. I have done some searching around and found that I like this lay out even better. I promise I won't keeping changing things on you. :)

Instead of starting from the beginning of our journey here, I am starting with Ahmi's arrival (on Saturday the 21st of June, 2008). Our other web site will still be available for the next 9 months, but this is the "new" it spot.

Well Cliff & Scott Greenseth figured out the route to the airport to pick up Ahmi. I stayed home with the girls since her plane arrived when the girls should be in bed. It was great to see her walk in the door. She was in good spirits after the long journey and we all stayed up and chatted until well after 11pm. We have been on the go ever since. Lots of visiting, shopping, sight seeing, playing with girls, etc. I think Ahmi is really taking it all in and enjoying herself. I know our family is enjoying her!