Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Featured Blogger!

Our blog was featured at "Multiples...and More! Check it out.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Frogs and Shades

Every day the girls seem to find something to entertain them. On this particular day it was a huge toad. I can always tell by the excitment in their voices when they are calling out, "MOMMY!" I know there isn't anyone hurt. I just know that they found something that will probably make my skin crawl. Some kind of creepy crawly creature. Frogs don't bother me, but big toads are kind of gross. But no need to worry on my part. I don't have to even touch the thing because all three girls are taking turns playing with it. And at one point I look over and Kira is pretty much making out with the thing. Eeeeewwwwwhhhhh! I had to give all three the lecture about germs and getting sick from kissing toads or any bugs for that matter!

Madison holding the toad.

Kira's turn to squish -- I mean hold the toad.

Kira looking adorable in Daddy's hat.

MacKenzie, Madison & Kira sportin their shades.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More pictures of our Russian Dacha and Neighborhood

Every mornig I wake up and look out the window and am amazed at how pretty our yard and house are. Usually when we live abroad we are in an apartment in the city. I feel so lucky to get to spend the summer in such a beautiful place with my family.

Our yard.
Every morning there is a new flower open. So breath taking.

This house is around the block from us and I just love their mailbox.

My Mother-in-law calls these flowers Hen and Chicks. She said her Mother called them that as well. I think they are such a unique flower. Love them.

Bike riding route.
Our yard.
Neighbors house.

Landscaping in our yard.
Our lawn.
Our "Dacha."

MacKenzie (L), Madison and Kira with Grandma and Grandpa.

One of the many beautiful homes in our neighborhood.

Another home I like.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Day of Summer

Bike rides
Pool time
Picnic time
What a great way to begin a summer! Last week was so chilly, cloudy and rainy that we are so excited to have some real summer weather. I hope it continues.
Happy Summer to you all!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Sunday was a relaxing day. Actually, both Cliff and I forgot it was Father's Day until after lunch. Not sure what was going on in my mind. I had the girls make cards for him earlier in the week and I had a gift from them as well. But, once we remembered we celebrated and gave Daddy lots of love.

It was a beautifully sunny day. The kids played in the pool a lot and just ran around outside all day. They helped Cliff wash his car along with their bikes. They must not have wanted it to end becuase when they had their bikes all clean they decided they would rub mud on them so they could wash them again and again and again. Funny stuff.

As a family we went for a bike ride around our neighborhood and made a stop at the playground. There were other kids there that we have seen before. The girls made a new friend named Dasha. She is probably 4 years old. The kids all played a Russian game where you have to wake the sleeping bear. Once the bear is awake it has to catch someone who then is the new sleeping bear. It was fun to hear the chanting rhyme in Russian (wish I could remember) and to see our kids playing along. Then it was home for baths and bedtime. Because it stays light here until 11pm I sometimes lose track of time in the evening. Before I know it it's 11pm and I am just crawling into bed knowing I will be tired in the morning. I guess that is what coffee is for. I just need that wind down time at night.

I think Cliff had a nice day. And we all enjoyed our family time




Girls helping Daddy wash his car.

Daddy snuggling with his baby girl.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday my husband, Cliff, and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. I met my husband when I was just 16 years old. I went to visit my cousin Jessi for the weekend. Her and Kris Hamilton (Cliff's cousin) took me to Brainerd to watch a movie. While waiting to get in she noticed that her crazy cousin, Cliff, was there with some friends. This was our first encounter. It is so crazy to think that our lives were destined to be together. I remember he came up to us gave us all hugs. He was so full of life and mischief. I was intreged, but didn't give it much thought since I lived 2 hours away. Little did I know that I would be moving in the next few months and going to school with Jessi, Kris and yes, my future husband. We began dating 2 years later. And it has been a rollercoaster ever since

While reading one of the blogs I follow I saw a post she had made about the 10 things she loves about her husband (this week). Thanks for the great idea. So, here goes:

Top Ten Things I Love about my Husband (this week):

1. He loves me for who I am.
2. He is a wonderful Father to our 3 beautiful girls.
3. He makes me laugh.
4. He is supportive.
5. He is one the of nicest people I have ever met.
6. He never complains about my cooking. I am not the best cook.
7. He works hard.
8. He is a great provider.
9. He is game for pretty much anything.
10. He is HOT!

I am so lucky to have found such a wonderful man. I love you baby!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Red Square

Saturday morning we got in the car around 8:30am to try and beat the traffic. We were off to explore Red Square. The night before Cliff took his parents into Red Square to see it all lit up at night. The girls and I would have gone with but it doesn't get dark here until after 11! So, I stayed home with the sleeping babies. From the looks of Diana's photos it is amazing at night too. Even though Harold and Diana had just made the trip we talked them into coming with for a day view of Red Square. I don't think they were dissapointed. The only bad part was the square was blocked off because it is a Holiday weekend here. Their indepence day is today (Monday), so they had a big stage set up for entertainment. This also meant that St. Basil's Cathedral was closed along with Lennon's tomb. We were hoping to see both. I guess we will have to head back and take lots of photos to share with Harold and Diana.

When first seeing St. Basil's Cathedral it all seems so unreal. It looks like an attraction at Walt Disney World or something. It is hard to really wrap your mind around the fact that you are actually standing in such a famous place. Growing up during the Cold War it is a place that I never imagined I would see in person. I know the girls don't grasp all of this, but some day they are going to look at the pictures and say, "Wow, I really got to see something amazing and so famous." I wonder if all of this early traveling will put the travel bug into them when they are adults.

It was such a hot day. Around 86. The girls were so good and didn't complain about all of the walking we did. They really are becoming such big girls and great travelers. By the time we all sat down for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe we were ready for something cold to drink and some food in our tummys. Cliff, myself and Diana all had an ice cold beer. It tasted so good. Harold opted for a Pepsi. Cliff's co-worker, Butch (a fellow American), also joined us for a beer.

On the walk back to our car we came across a little food market. Diana and I picked up some strawberrys and cherries. Not speaking (or understanding) any Russian it was kind of funny. But, we managed to walk away with our fruit and it didn't cost us an arm and a leg (we don't think) LOL They tasted great with dinner that night too.

When we got home the owner, Walter (another fellow American), was mowing the lawn. We visited with him a bit and even invited him to have some dinner. He seems like a nice man.

After dinner we just sat around and visited. We were all so tired, but knowing it was our last night we all sat around as long as we could. You know you never want that last night to end. We did watch the Americans vs. England in the World Cup. The commentary was in Russian, but that was okay. It adds to the atmosphere. :)

The next morning started at the crack of dawn -- okay that would be at like 4am since it gets light then -- but it did start early. Cliff wanted to leave pleanty early to take his parents to the airport. The traffic here can be horrendous and he didn't want to be stuck in hours of traffic. As it turns out traffic was not an issue. But, it was sad to see them go. They are such a big part of our everyday life and it is hard not to see them on a daily basis. But, Skype helps with that.

Today is our first day with just the girls and I. Grandma and Grandpa made it home to Minnesota and Cliff is working. The first day is usually the toughest, but so far so good. The girls are playing and letting me type this post. And our cleaning lady should be here soon (I know... rough, huh.)

Da svidanya (Goodbye).

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pool and Hot Cocoa

Today started out sunny and a perfect temperature. The girls and I went for a bike ride before lunch. We had talked about them going for a swim in the pool Cliff put in the back yard. I told them after lunch would be a great time. Wouldn't you know it after lunch the clouds started to roll in and the temps dropped. But, the big girls were still up for a swim. Kira on the other hand opted to watch while covered up. They actually played longer than I thought they would. After getting dried and dressed I made us all some hot cocoa. The girls curled up for a cartoon and something warm to drink along with lots of marshmellows.

Back yard with pond (not full yet) and our blue swimming pool.

Madison, Kira & MacKenzie (R)

Kira relaxing in our hammock.

Madison picking a strawberry.

Kira, MacKenzie and Madison checking to see how big the tadpoles are in our pond.

Another fun day in Moscow.