Thursday, July 31, 2008

Funny Girls

MacKenzie, Kira & Madison
Kira at Stephanie's 17th birthday party (Scott's daughter)

I have to say that Madison and MacKenzie are really becoming "little" grown-ups. They love to put make-up on with Mommy. They tell me when they like my clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair, etc. Madison also likes to tell me to close my eyes when she wants to do something that she knows she shouldn't. It is really quite funny.

A few nights ago during bath time M&M got a little quiet in the bathroom. I always know that isn't a good sign. Uh yes, they had taken the brand new bottle of shampoo I had just opened for them and dumped it all out. I had to rinse MacKenzie's hair about 10 times to get the bubbles out. I was not happy. Some things are a lot funnier way after the fact. LOL

Kira is sassy. And being sick this past week she was even more so. The past 2 days she has been a bit nicer to all of us. Not as much screaming, hitting or biting. No, she really is a happy and sweet little girl, but she has really been testing her limits lately. She just makes me realize how mellow Madison and MacKenzie really are.

Off to a birthday party for a new friend of ours. His name is Gustov and he just turned 3. So fun to meet people from all over.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This Too Shall Pass

Madison (L) and MacKenzie (R) at Lego Land Play Area.

Madison, MacKenzie & Kira having some fun in a worm tunnel.

Kira driving the Lego car.

Madison & MacKenzie hard at work making some brilliant master piece.

Kira, Jenny and Benjamin making some crazy creations.

So, Jenny and Benjamin met us at the Bexco Convention Center near our house. They have some fun activities going on for kids, so we thought we would check it out. We brought the kids in to Lego Land to have some fun. They all played really well for about 1 1/2 hours and then we headed to McDonalds (also in Bexco) for lunch. Long story short Kira ended up throwing up 3 times while there and was acting very weepy and moany. Her head felt on fire. So, I ended up bringing her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a viral infection. Supposedly it is going around right now. It causes red blister like bumps all over the mouth, fever, and loss of appetite. It has been a very tiring week for Kira as well as myself. But, she finally slept through the night last night and has been eating for the past 2 days. HEE HAW This too shall pass! Now, let's just pray that MacKenzie and Madison don't get it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ahmi with girls. We had lunch at Ajuma's. She really does spoil us.

Ahmi, myself and the big girls having a tea party. The girls thought it was great. I had a plate full of lots of goodies. And they ate every last piece. And I wondered why they didn't want dinner a few hours later. LOL

We helped Sadie celebrate her first birthday.

Kris and Jenny. We met Jenny and her family at the grocery store food court of all places. Her and her family (husband Steve, son Benjamin (5) and daughter Sadie (1)) have moved here for 2 years for Steve's work. He works for the military. It has been great meeting someone in a similar situation as us who just happen to have children close to our girls' ages.

Well, Ahmi has left us. Boo Hoo! She has been gone for 5 days now and we all really miss her. Kira had 2 rough nights of sleep because I think she was missing her roomie. Thank goodness she is sleeping again. I was feeling a bit tired during the day. Thanks for everything Ahmi! You really are a great friend and I love ya lots!

Today the girls and I hopped in a taxi and met up with Jenny and Benjamin for a little fun. Jenny had discovered an indoor play yard near her (and with this heat an indoor play land is a must). The girls had a blast. We then headed to Benagin's for lunch and then back to Jenny's. The girls played for a bit and then home we went. A bit late on getting everyone down for their afternoon nap, but they were in good spirits when I woke them up, so that was good.

Scott Greenseth's family arrives on Saturday. They are here for a few weeks, so I am sure the girls and I will hook up with them while the guys are working. Then that will be it for visitors until Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton come the middle of October. The countdown is on!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend in Seoul

Getting ready to do some major shopping.

Ahmi, "Tequila" our new Korean friend, and Kris

I had to get a picture in front of "my" hotel.

For those of you who don't know. Ahmi was born in Seoul 31 years ago and was adopted to the US at the age of 5 months. This is her first time back so we had to make a trip to Seoul to visit the police station (where she was left) and the adoption agency who placed her in Minnesota (thank you for that)! Oh, and we had to check out the shopping (only because we were there and we HAD to do something). LOL

We happened to stay at the "Hamilton" Hotel right in the heart of a major shopping area. We walked out our front door and there were shops galore. We shopped, ate, drank and chatted a lot. It was a very fun weekend and one that I will never forget.

Hair Nightmare!

Above you will see the before and after of a hair do gone wrong. Here is the tale:

So, before Ahmi and I went to Seoul for our girls get away weekend I wanted to get my hair touched up. HA HA I got more then a touch up! Ajuma (our Korean Grandma)insisted I go to her hair salon. Okay, I thought, what harm could it do? HA HA again! All I wanted were my roots touched up and I ended up with white and orange hair. I almost started crying when I sat down after they washed my hair and I was blinded by my new color. I told Ajuma, not what I was thinking. So, the salon owner said that they would do it one more time (color it...bleach it is more like it). I told Ajuma (jokinly) that I could use a beer about now. She volunteered to go and get us one. I needed it to calm my nerves! So, off she went in search of a Cass (Korean beer). The second "bleaching" was not a you can see from the photo. I told Ajuma that I just needed to leave. I think everyone in the salon was talking about me (in Korean) and probably giggling a bit. The cab ride home was pretty quiet. I think both of us were on the verge of tears and a panic attack.

The minute I walked into my apartment Cliff, Ahmi and Scott (Cliff's co-worker) were chasing me around with their cameras to caputure this memory on film. After they were done laughing at me Ahmi and I headed to the salon I originally went to (and liked). I felt like everyone was staring at me the whole way there (probably because I glowed). Ahmi and I looked at the color choices and picked out a light blonde and told them to put some blonder highlights in. Well, I walked out of there with very, very dark hair. I really don't think this country wants me to be blonde! Oh and it gets even better. As Ahmi and I are sitting there we see this woman and her daughter looking in the salon window. I then realize that they had been at the other salon earlier during my hair disaster. So, I wave at them and they wave back and off they go. I later learn that, in a city of 3 million people, that woman was the owner's sister (from the "Bleech Salon"). Okay, the odds of that happening are pretty rare don't you think? So, Ajuma had already heard about my new hair color before we saw her the next day. I guess gossip runs in all cultures! LOL

So, I was hoping to have blonder hair for the summer, but Korea has other plans for me. By the time I come home who knows what color my hair will be. Just giving all of my family and friends a little heads up. Please don't laugh at me. :) LOL

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend in Pusan, Korea

Click on the photo to see a slide show of our weekend. It has been getting hotter every day. We are continuing to enjoy Ahmi's company. We will be sad when she heads back to the States.

Happy 4th to you all!

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4th of July Weekend 7/6/08

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Westin Chosun Hotel

For my birthday Cliff and the girls gave me a certificate for a 2 night stay at the Westin Chosun Hotel. This is a very beautiful hotel right on the beach! We had 2 beautiful beach days right in the middle of the rainy season. It actually rained the day before we checked in and the day after we checked out. Talk about perfect timing!
Kira, Madison & MacKenzie having fun in the sun.
Feeding the pigeons. It started out with one bird. The word spread quickly that their were crackers for lunch. The girls had a blast. I always think of Uncle Bob in situations like this. He would NOT have liked this scene. LOL
Yes, the waves were erasing my nice script. I had to snap quickly.
Kira checking out the view from our room.
Such a bathing beauty.
MacKenzie helped me write her name. She thought it was great.
Madison giggled when she saw her "name" in the sand. She thought it was pretty neat.