Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hard to Believe

I must be in the blogging mood this week because I have posted a lot. I think I have really been thinking and reflecting on the last 3 1/2 years with my girls. I was just thinking today that Kira is about the age that MacKenzie & Madison were when she was born. And thinking about that makes me want to crawl into bed and sleep! LOL They are all at really fun ages and learning so much every day. MacKenzie and Madison can now sing the ABC's and count to 10 on their own. I have video taped this, but I seem to have forgotten one of my cables to hook up to the computer. Bummer, I would love to share this with you all as it is so darn cute! And Kira is such a copy cat these days. Whatever anyone says she tries to repeat. I guess we better watch what we say, right? HEE HEE And Madison all of a sudden is in the, "why" stage. MacKenzis is in the "I am the boss and this is MY toy" stage. LOL So much fun to see them changing and growing. We sure are the luckiest of parents!

Here are a few photos from the past and one from just yesterday:

This is MacKenzie & Madison meeting their baby sister for the first time. Look at those little baby faces they have. So sweet!

Here is one of Cliff and his girls on the day Kira came home from the hosptial.

This was a photo that I took when I was trying to capture that "perfect" X-mas picture. It really is priceless. M&M are looking at Kira like what is wrong with you sista?

Family Photo taken January 2007.

Kira, MacKenzie & Madison taken last night on our walk.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One Year Ago

So crazy how children grow. I have been in the process of organizing my photos from a year ago and came across some adorable photos of such little babies. They just seem so grown-up now. And I know I will look back a year from now and think that they were such sweet little babies at this time.

Here is one of Kira when she was just crawling. She looks so innocent here.
Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton have what is called "cousin's week" every year. They take all of their grandchildren for a week and just have a blast. This is Madison during cousin's week last year in Grandma's raspberry bush. This girl LOVES raspberries!
Here is MacKenzie Kay with her squirt gun trying to get Mommy.
And here a comparison photo from last year until now. Here are MacKenzie, Kira and Madison on Mille Lacs Lake.
Here is Kira, Madison & MacKenzie at Haeundae Beach in Pusan, South Korea.

Having three little girls has sure been a blessing (most days..LOL). They all are growing into their own little person and seem to tell me their opinions daily. It has been a challenge bringing them to Korea and trying to get into our routine here, but I think we have succeeded and they have adjusted so well. We have met some wonderful people that I know we will probably always stay in contact with.

Monday, August 25, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Madison (L) and MacKenzie (R). I picked up these outfits at the outdoor market. I have shopped at the market a few times now with various women friends. It is really quite the experience. It is street after street of vendors and shops. A woman's paradise. LOL
Kira's "market outfit."
I just had to show proof that Cliff and I actually clean up quite well and have gone on some ADULT activities this summer!
MacKenzie (L) and Madison (R). They have this cute store here called Twin Kids. That is just the name brand. I thought it was quite appropriate for the girls to have a hoodie from there. So, they thought it was fun to try it on for Mommy and then strike a pose. Okay, so Korean women wear high heels pretty much with whatever they are wearing (baseball hat, tank top...high heels -- dress...high heels -- pj's...high heels (okay maybe an exaggeration, but you get the idea). Note the shoes on this police officer directing traffic near the beach. Crazy!

Not much has been happening here. All of our visitors have come and gone and the summer is coming to an end. I am actually ready for Fall (my favorite season). This past week the humidity has gone way down and you can actually take in a deep breath without feeling like the thick heat is going to choke you.

The countdown has begun. Cliff's parents are arriving on October 25th (3 days after Kira's 2nd birthday). They are staying for 10 days and then the girls and I fly back to MN with them. Cliff will stay behind and work until he flies home for Christmas. After New Years (no date set yet) the girls and I fly back to Korea with Cliff to finish out this job. I am ready to breathe in some fresh MN air, see our families and friends and sleep in our own beds! There's no place like home!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Longing for a Cool Down

It has been so hot here that I am actually looking forward to some snow! I say that now, right? LOL

Our Baby Bug

Our baby Kira is rapidly approaching her 2nd birthday. Where has the time gone? She continues to make all of us laugh with her sassy personality. She is becoming her own little person with her own little demands and ideas on how things should be -- HER WAY!

One day she decided she needed to wear Daddy's yellow glasses. I could hardly contain my own laughter. She seems to make me smile a 100 times a day. Thank you my sweet Baby Kira for being YOU!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Haeundae Beach

This is what 1 million people on a tiny beach look like.
Kira & Madison snuggling.
Kira, MacKenzie & Madison
Lynn, Scott, Kellen, Cliff & Kris drinking the "Ace." There were even cooler holders in the tables to set your drink to keep it cold. It was pretty crazy.
Scott, Kris, Cliff, Lynn & Kellen out for dinner and drinks.

We have had a busy few weeks. The girls and I have had some playdates with Jenny and her kids, Sarah (our new friends) and her kids some beach days and some misc. running around. The adults have even had some night's out without children! Stephanie (Scott's daughter) babysat a few times for us and our awesome Ajuma sat with the sleeping girls one night. We had a lot of fun (maybe too much)!

It has been nothing but, HOT, HOT, HOT for the past few months. I think I will be ready for a nice cool down come September. Or atleast that is what I am hoping for. I am also ready for all of the people to leave. It will be nice when the beach only has 10,000 people on it instead of the estimated 1 million last weekend.