Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back in USA

Well, we made it back to the USA and are now settled back into MN life. It is so nice not having our picture taken every time we go out of our house. We are no longer celebrities. LOL The girls have adjusted very well and are loving all of the freedom they have outdoors. The weather has finally turned into Spring and we have been enjoying some mid-60 degree days. It should be a fun Spring/Summer. We have also been spending a lot of time at my in-laws house. They live 1/4 mile from our house and the girls LOVE spending time with them (as do I).

Cliff purchased a new toy and it was delivered and waiting for us when we got home. He LOVES it and has been on it every day. The girls think it is a blast to buckle in and go for a "Prowler" ride with Daddy. We even packed a picnic the other day and headed way out on our land and had a great time eating our lunch outdoors in the beautiful sunshine. Then we walked around and let the girls explore. Great day.

We also had a very nice Easter with family. The girls looked for eggs and their basket at Grandma's plus the Easter Bunny left some goodies at our house. The girls thought it was great to eat so much candy. They handled it better than I thought they would. I don't let them have much candy and figured they would have a crazy sugar high. They did spend a lot of time outdoors that day, so they burned off a lot of their sugar energy. :)

I will have to post pictures later. For some reason it isn't working right now.


Triplet Mama said...

Hi! Thanks for posting a little update! I've been checking in on you and figured you guys must be on your way back to the US. Do you miss Korea at all? Have you been to Target a lot since you came back? ;)

CLIFF & KRIS said...

Am I missing Korea? Not really, but I am missing some great friends that we made there. But, it is GREAT to be home. And I have only been to Target once since I got home. Crazy how when it is accessible it isn't used as much. LOL But, no worries, I will be making a trip this coming weekend. :)