Friday, May 21, 2010

Catching Up

I figured I better post and catch you all up before we being another new adventure (details to come in another post).

I did get a new computer and so far am loving it. I decided to get the Dell Studio. I had some recommendations, so I ran with it. I am in the process of getting used to it and all that it can do. And it is even pink! LOVE IT! :)


We went to brunch at Izaty's Golf and Yacht Club. It was most of the Hamilton gang. The girls did a great job and even let me enjoy my food. Then we headed home and spent the day just hanging out.

Grandpa and Grandma with most of the grandkids. We are missing Dustin, Lacey, Dianne and Summer.


I got to spend the day shopping without kids. I had a lot of things to get for our new adventure, so I spent a full day crossing off items on my lists. The girls went to see their cousin, Dustin, play baseball with Grandma and Grandpa along with their cousins, Dianne and Summer. I think they had a great day too. My husband surprised me with a heart shaped diamond necklace. It is beautiful!

That pretty much covers the main events since my computer crashed.

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