Sunday, November 2, 2008


One more day until we leave for home. It really is a bittersweet deal. We are very excited to go home, but are very sad to leave Cliff behind. I guess we will start the 6 week count down until Cliff joins us.

This morning after the girls decoreated some Halloween cupcakes we got them dressed in their costumes and headed out to hand out some of those delicious cupcakes. We went to Ajuma's to visit a bit since we won't see her for 2 months. Other than that it has been a relax/pack day. Is that possible? To relax and pack. Anyway, here are some pictures of the kiddos (Madison & MacKenzie are Spanish Flamenco dancers--we got those dresses 2 years ago while living in Spain and Kira is a kitty of course).

Daddy with his girls (Madison (L))
Madison (L), Kira & MacKenzie


Kelly said...

Ya'll better have a safe trip home. I know you are sad to leave, but I'll tell ya, 6 weeks can go by fast. I know having Matt had made time fly. And oh, btw, you are officially my hero! I am home alone with the kids for a week and the girls are giving me a run for my money. Having the kids for WEEKS...yeah, you're amazingly strong.

Loved the kids in their costumes. Do they do Halloween over there???

Jenny said...

Hope you made it home safe and and sound! Glad the kids got to still enjoy the spirit of Halloween. Talk soon. Will you have skype at home??