Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Actually Halloween is already done here in Korea. The girls have not put on their costumes yet. They really don't celebrate Halloween quite like we do in the States. But, I do have costumes for them and we plan on dressing up tonight and heading to Ajuma's for some tricks or treats. And we do plan on giving some family and close friends a head's up when we get home next week that they might have some late trick or treaters. I will post pictures of the girls in their costumes soon. Until then here are some pictures of the girls in their Halloween pj's. Too cute!

Madison (L) & MacKenzie
Madison (L), MacKenzie & Kira

P.S. Cliff, his parents, and the girls are all visiting Cliff's job site. I decided to stay home so I can get some packing done. So, I really shoudn't be posting. Ooops. :) Okay, now I really better get packing since we leave in 2 days!

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