Friday, March 13, 2009

Out for dinner

There is a Bulgogi house very close to our apartment that I have wanted to try since we moved here a year ago. Well, finally a year later we found the time and engery to load up the kids and head out for a wonderful dinner. We had bulgogi (grilled beef), rice, spicy soup plus all of the many side dishes they put on the table. Of course they had a little play area for the kids. Man are they going to go into shock when we are back home and they discover that the grocery store doesn't have a playland. Poor things. HA HA

Mommy and Kira
MacKenzie (L), Daddy and Madison.
Family photo. Mommy, Kira, Daddy, Madison (on lap) and MacKenzie

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jag said...

This sounds like a fun evening! Our restaurant adventure was, ummm, difficult. LOVE the family pic. Also LOVING your sweater. I'm in an argyle phase these days. Just scooped up a cute one today, as a matter of fact.