Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who Needs Hawaii to Have Fun?

This past weekend Jenny and the kids came to spend Saturday and Sunday with us. Her husband, Steve, was on a business trip to Hawaii for the week. We all pretended not to be jealous that he was in such a tropical climate. Instead we enjoyed the city of Busan to the fullest.

Here is Sadie and Kira enjoying the motion censored video aquarium. We found this by accident, but the kids enjoyed it like we had planned it into our day.

There were 3 screens projected on the floor. All three had different fish scenes. Whenever you stepped on a fish it would move out of the way or the water would ripple. I think this lasted about 30 minutes. We pretty much had to force them to leave. They got to ride a train outside the Lotte Department Store. This we also found by accident. The night before Jenny and I headed to the store to pretend we could afford to buy a Louis bag. We saw the event billboard and interpreted Korean the best we could -- okay, we saw a photo of a train and the date. So, we sent Cliff and Benjamin down to the store after breakfast the following day to find out the start time. We were pretty much the first ones in line and kids got to enjoy 3 or 4 rides without having to wait in line.
On our walk to our little park near the river we came across a white puppy. The nice owner let the kids enjoy some puppy love.

Because our time (along with Jenny and family) in Korea is coming to an end I wanted to get as many pictures with our new lifelong friends as I could. I thought this was a gret picture of Jenny and I with our little kidlets. From right to left: Benjamin (almost 6), Sadie (20 months), Jenny (age not important), Madison (4), Kira (2 year 5 months), Me (don't even ask) and MacKenzie (4).


Jenny said...

It's amazing the fun we came up with in such a short amount of time!!

Ahmi said...

Thats a great picture of all of you !!

jag said...

You guys stumbled upon a really great day! Some of the best stuff just can't be planned!