Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ahmi with girls. We had lunch at Ajuma's. She really does spoil us.

Ahmi, myself and the big girls having a tea party. The girls thought it was great. I had a plate full of lots of goodies. And they ate every last piece. And I wondered why they didn't want dinner a few hours later. LOL

We helped Sadie celebrate her first birthday.

Kris and Jenny. We met Jenny and her family at the grocery store food court of all places. Her and her family (husband Steve, son Benjamin (5) and daughter Sadie (1)) have moved here for 2 years for Steve's work. He works for the military. It has been great meeting someone in a similar situation as us who just happen to have children close to our girls' ages.

Well, Ahmi has left us. Boo Hoo! She has been gone for 5 days now and we all really miss her. Kira had 2 rough nights of sleep because I think she was missing her roomie. Thank goodness she is sleeping again. I was feeling a bit tired during the day. Thanks for everything Ahmi! You really are a great friend and I love ya lots!

Today the girls and I hopped in a taxi and met up with Jenny and Benjamin for a little fun. Jenny had discovered an indoor play yard near her (and with this heat an indoor play land is a must). The girls had a blast. We then headed to Benagin's for lunch and then back to Jenny's. The girls played for a bit and then home we went. A bit late on getting everyone down for their afternoon nap, but they were in good spirits when I woke them up, so that was good.

Scott Greenseth's family arrives on Saturday. They are here for a few weeks, so I am sure the girls and I will hook up with them while the guys are working. Then that will be it for visitors until Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton come the middle of October. The countdown is on!

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Jenny said...

Kris, even though I've only known you for about 6 weeks, you have been a great friend and I don't know what I'd do here without you - really. You are one tough mamma!!!!!! We need to memorize the train schedule to and from Waegwan.