Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hair Nightmare!

Above you will see the before and after of a hair do gone wrong. Here is the tale:

So, before Ahmi and I went to Seoul for our girls get away weekend I wanted to get my hair touched up. HA HA I got more then a touch up! Ajuma (our Korean Grandma)insisted I go to her hair salon. Okay, I thought, what harm could it do? HA HA again! All I wanted were my roots touched up and I ended up with white and orange hair. I almost started crying when I sat down after they washed my hair and I was blinded by my new color. I told Ajuma, not what I was thinking. So, the salon owner said that they would do it one more time (color it...bleach it is more like it). I told Ajuma (jokinly) that I could use a beer about now. She volunteered to go and get us one. I needed it to calm my nerves! So, off she went in search of a Cass (Korean beer). The second "bleaching" was not a you can see from the photo. I told Ajuma that I just needed to leave. I think everyone in the salon was talking about me (in Korean) and probably giggling a bit. The cab ride home was pretty quiet. I think both of us were on the verge of tears and a panic attack.

The minute I walked into my apartment Cliff, Ahmi and Scott (Cliff's co-worker) were chasing me around with their cameras to caputure this memory on film. After they were done laughing at me Ahmi and I headed to the salon I originally went to (and liked). I felt like everyone was staring at me the whole way there (probably because I glowed). Ahmi and I looked at the color choices and picked out a light blonde and told them to put some blonder highlights in. Well, I walked out of there with very, very dark hair. I really don't think this country wants me to be blonde! Oh and it gets even better. As Ahmi and I are sitting there we see this woman and her daughter looking in the salon window. I then realize that they had been at the other salon earlier during my hair disaster. So, I wave at them and they wave back and off they go. I later learn that, in a city of 3 million people, that woman was the owner's sister (from the "Bleech Salon"). Okay, the odds of that happening are pretty rare don't you think? So, Ajuma had already heard about my new hair color before we saw her the next day. I guess gossip runs in all cultures! LOL

So, I was hoping to have blonder hair for the summer, but Korea has other plans for me. By the time I come home who knows what color my hair will be. Just giving all of my family and friends a little heads up. Please don't laugh at me. :) LOL

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