Thursday, July 31, 2008

Funny Girls

MacKenzie, Kira & Madison
Kira at Stephanie's 17th birthday party (Scott's daughter)

I have to say that Madison and MacKenzie are really becoming "little" grown-ups. They love to put make-up on with Mommy. They tell me when they like my clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair, etc. Madison also likes to tell me to close my eyes when she wants to do something that she knows she shouldn't. It is really quite funny.

A few nights ago during bath time M&M got a little quiet in the bathroom. I always know that isn't a good sign. Uh yes, they had taken the brand new bottle of shampoo I had just opened for them and dumped it all out. I had to rinse MacKenzie's hair about 10 times to get the bubbles out. I was not happy. Some things are a lot funnier way after the fact. LOL

Kira is sassy. And being sick this past week she was even more so. The past 2 days she has been a bit nicer to all of us. Not as much screaming, hitting or biting. No, she really is a happy and sweet little girl, but she has really been testing her limits lately. She just makes me realize how mellow Madison and MacKenzie really are.

Off to a birthday party for a new friend of ours. His name is Gustov and he just turned 3. So fun to meet people from all over.

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Ahmi said...

looks like the girls had a fun time. They all ready look older :( love ahmi