Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One Year Ago

So crazy how children grow. I have been in the process of organizing my photos from a year ago and came across some adorable photos of such little babies. They just seem so grown-up now. And I know I will look back a year from now and think that they were such sweet little babies at this time.

Here is one of Kira when she was just crawling. She looks so innocent here.
Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton have what is called "cousin's week" every year. They take all of their grandchildren for a week and just have a blast. This is Madison during cousin's week last year in Grandma's raspberry bush. This girl LOVES raspberries!
Here is MacKenzie Kay with her squirt gun trying to get Mommy.
And here a comparison photo from last year until now. Here are MacKenzie, Kira and Madison on Mille Lacs Lake.
Here is Kira, Madison & MacKenzie at Haeundae Beach in Pusan, South Korea.

Having three little girls has sure been a blessing (most days..LOL). They all are growing into their own little person and seem to tell me their opinions daily. It has been a challenge bringing them to Korea and trying to get into our routine here, but I think we have succeeded and they have adjusted so well. We have met some wonderful people that I know we will probably always stay in contact with.

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your're such a good mommy! love you,