Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We have made so many great friends this summer! All of which happen to have kids very close in age to our girls.

Jenny & Steve (from US) : Benjamin (5) & Sadie (1)
Sarah & Svein Olav (from Norway) : Cornelia (5) & Gustov (3)
Kiley & Bruce (from US): Vivian (almost 3)

It has been so great getting to know each of these families! They are all amazing and so much fun to be around.

We also have met 2 of the most amazing Koreans. Ajuma and Ajoshi. They live a few buildings down from ours and have become such a big part of our lives. They are so good to us and just adore the girls. Today Ajum brought us to this really beautiful restaurant for lunch. The decor was so peaceful. Fresh flowers EVERYWHERE. It really helped brighten up my kind of gloomy day. Thanks, Ajuma!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Grandma H said...

So........... nice...
I am really starting to get excited about seeing all of you again...