Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Best Friends

Well, we have been in Korea now just short of 6 months. I am really missing my girls time with my best buds! I really am so lucky to have such great friends. Two of my very best friends happen to be related to me (awesome luck)! Jessi, who is my cousin but feels like my sister. And Mona, my sister-in-law and "tell it like it is" friend!

March of 2007 (5 months after having Kira) the three of us headed to Las Vegas for 5 whole days (thanks to my awesome mother and father-in-law who watched the girls)! This was a great motivation to lose some baby weight and get back to the girl I was (or atleast resemble her..LOL). We had a blast and are already talking about going back. Vegas Baby!

Jessi, Kris & Mona having a few drinks before our "dancing" class.
Kris, Jessi & Mona all dolled up.
Mona, Kris & Jessi ready for a night of fun.
Kris, Mona & Jessi after a day of shopping.

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Ramona said...

The photo's are awesome, they bring back so many great memories. This will really help get me motivated for our new challange. We need a another Girl's Weekend to look forward for when you are home. It may not be Vegas but remember we were the ones that made Detroit Lakes a blast the weekend after Labor Day....the town will never be the same :-)