Monday, September 22, 2008

Who Me?

The girls love to play this game called "make a HUGE mess." They bring one toy at a time to the sister who is waiting in their bedroom. That sister then proceeds to throw it into a big pile and then wait for the next item. At the time I LOVE this game because it allows me to get something done around the house. Later is when I don't like this game so much -- clean-up time! Here is Kira looking at me like, "it wasn't me, Mom!"
MacKenzie has really been into reading books to Kira lately. I love to see these kind of moments. So sweet!
Kira & MacKenzie. Kira's hair sure is getting long and curly.


Grandma H said...

All is looking great, girls have lots of color, with those beach trips..Big sister, little sister, how fun... sometimes.. lol

Ahmi said...

I am sure grandma h is getting excited to see you girls! I sure have fun talking to you! It looks like MacKenzie is being a good big sister! love you girls and mom

Ahmi said...

Girls, it was sure fun getting to talk to you and seeing you on my new camera!