Monday, October 27, 2008

Kira's Birthday Party

We had Kira's birthday party on Sunday. It was at an in door playland that has a room off to the side for birthday parties. This is where we all piled in to eat the yummy pizza, snacks and cake. It was special to have Grandpa & Grandma there plus all of our new friends. It was a great turn out. All of the kids had a blast playing and the adults had a great time visiting. Thank you all so much again for helping us celebrate Kira's big day. And thank you for all of the wonderful presents. She is such a lucky girl.

Come on ride the train.
Kids are ready for food.
The Hamiltons
Madison, Kira & MacKenzie
Kira ready to blow out that big #2. She did a great job.


Kelly said...

Kris, I love the family picture. It had to be great having the grandparents in town. I bet ya'll get looks everywhere you go. Having suck beautiful children first off, then having 2 of them being ID twins...the locals can't get enough of you I'm sure. Seriously, you have to get asked for pictures a few times a day. I am totally in awe of your strength. Being in a foreign land, no perminate car, different language with 3 kids...what a strong, strong woman!!!

Stephanie said...

We should have had my birthday party at a place like that!