Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lunar New Year -- Year of the Ox

This is a very big Holiday here in Korea. The Lunar New Year is on Monday, but a lot of Koreans have all of next week off work. Cliff has Monday and possibley Tuesday off. I LOVE any Holiday that gives Cliff more time at home with us. Today we went for a drive to see Cliff's golf course, but unfortunately the gates were locked. This is crazy since they work 7 days a week on his site. Everyone must be off celebrating with their families. My friend, Kiley, has some great information on her blog about the Lunar New Year. Her and her family lived in Korea for 3 years and just currently moved to China for her husband's work. She is experiencing the Lunar New Year a lot differently then we are here. Check out her site at the right side of my page. It is gogovivi -- Kiley's Blog.

Since the golf course was closed we went for some lunch and then found a cute little playground in this teeny tiny town. It is way nicer then the one at our apartment. The girls had a great time. Now they are all napping -- aaahhh the silence (besides the person playing piano in the apartment directly above us -- aaahhh apartment living).

This is Bi Bim Bop. A very tasty Korean dish. It has rice, bean sprouts, spinach, radish, cucumbers, mushrooms and a raw egg on top. You mix this concoction up and YUMMY!
I am not sure how Cliff knew what to order when looking at this menu! They speak not one word of English at this place, but Cliff does a great job with the Korean he does know when ordering us some lunch. I am always impressed.
Cliff and girls at little hole in the wall Korean Restaurant (but very good food). Cliff found this place because his golf course is near this little town
Family Photo. I love my small tri-pod that my mother-in-law gave me. It fits in my purse and is so easy to use. And usually when I do a photo with the timer the girls look right at the cameara because of the flashing light. Works like a charm. (Madison is in the pink hat, MacKenzie is in the blue hat and Kira in the green hat.


Jenny said...

Great post and go Cliff for reading the menu!!

Ahmi said...

oh, sounds like a crazy week in Korea! I can't even read the menu....Hope you had a nice lunch :)

Triplet Mama said...

I enjoy reading about your day to day life. How exciting to experience Asia like you guys are...I am envious! You have a beautiful family!