Friday, January 30, 2009


Just a few random photos of the girls.

Madison (L), Kira & MacKenzie. Lately, the head goes to the side when taking a picture. It is pretty cute/funny.
The girls LOVE when we let them watch a movie on our bed. Here they are with a little caramel popcorn and good movie.
Madison (L) and MacKenzie playing on our balcony.
Kira is really into play-doh. I am surprised I got her to look away -- notice that head tilt again. :)
MacKenzie (L), Madison & Kira. Our good friends from Cananda (Bonnie, Larry, Josh & Cole) got the girls their Roots hoodies and also their adorable hats. A friend of Bonnie's makes them. I LOVE them! Oh and notice how Kira is always watching what her big sisters are doing. And trust me she does mock them ALL the time. She is a mini-me of whomever is the funniest at the time

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Grandma said...

Hi, like the misc. pics.. they are quite the threesome... hugs to each of them.. keep up the posting, enjoy each new update.. love and hugs from GMA