Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend with Friends

We had such a nice weekend with Jenny, Benjamin and Sadie. We took the kids to the Bexco Convention Center near our house. They always seem to have fun activities going on for kids. One of the rooms was all devoted to Pororo (a Korean cartoon about a penguin and his friends). The kids had a great time. The rest of weekend we just hung out and relaxed. The kids were good and the company was great! Thanks Jenny and kids for such a nice time. We love you guys. Next time we will make sure that Steve can come too.

This is Pororo Land. Kira is in the green outfit. Look at the size of the balls! How fun is that?
Madison (L), MacKenzie and Pororo's friend the Fox (not sure of his name).
Lunch Time.
The kids made cupcakes at Pororo Land.
The PJ Crew: Benjamin, MacKenzie, Madison, Sadie & Kira.


Jenny said...

It was great. I'd do it all over again even with the car parking nightmare, ER visit, fevers, throw-up, poopy diapers and pee pee accidents every five minutes!!

Ahmi said...

OH, it looks like everyone had a great time. Cute shirts MM and MK! :) Miss you all! Love ya lots!