Sunday, February 1, 2009

Keeping Occupied

This last trip home I had stocked up on art/indoor activities for the kids to do. It is a littl harder to find these types of things here and if you do they are very expensive. So, we have lots of fun stuff to do from now until May. The weather is slowly getting nicer, but still a bit chilly. It is really crazy to think of the two worlds my children live in. Minnesota has a popluation of about 5 million people. Pusan, South Korea has a population of about 4 million people -- this city alone has almost as many people in it as the WHOLE state of Minnesota. The land mass is about the same except South Korea has about 10 times the people. Imagine what it is like for a toddler to come from our Minnesota house out in the country with wild animals living outside our picture window to looking out the window and seeing high rise apartment buildings as far as the eye can see. To come from the a rural town where you don't have to see another living sole for days if you choose to a major city where you can't get away from the people if you wanted to (okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but not far off). I know they will be too little to remember this time, but with pictures and stories from Cliff and I they will have this time documented for them to look back on. They have handled the transition so well and are such good sports when they are constantly approached because they have light hair and blue eyes. They have their own Korean paparazzi -- no kidding. Almost every time we leave our apartment they are approached and asked their picture can be taken. I often wonder what these people do with these pictures. Okay, I got off track here. Here are some photos of some things we have done to keep entertained.

Kira, MacKenzie (purple), Madison (pink) using "window markers." I found these at Target and instantly thought of all of the windows on our balcony here in Korea. I am sure I am totally confusing them since I always stress that markers are only for paper and not bellys, faces, walls, etc. LOL
Kira, Madison (pink), & MacKenzie (purple). Our good friends, Melissa and Skyler got the girls these awesome colorbook, story book, crayons set. Of course M&M got My Little Pony and Kira got Elmo and Friends. Inside were tons of cute posters to hang on their bedroom walls. One of these posters were "color it yourself." The girls LOVE markers, so away they colored. They really did a great job. I will have to post pictures of the final product. I am really impressed at how well the big girls stay in the lines. Maybe because they color EVERY day? :)
Some of their window marker art work.
More window marker art work.
I had picked up these magnet painting kits from Target (OH, how I miss Target). Each girl had 4 magnets to paint. They thought this was pretty awesome.


Diana said...

looks like they are keeping pretty busy, and hey, dont have to wash the fingerprints off the windows all the time.. just enjoy the art..
miss all, and counting down.. hugs and squeeze's from AZ

Ahmi said...

OH it looks like they are having a good time! Your're such a good mommy :)

Love you all, kisses


Jenny said...

I'm going to have to get Nana to send us some of those fun window paints. You will be the best teacher. You already are!