Monday, July 5, 2010


Why is it that everytime there is a Holiday it makes me homesick? Maybe it's just knowing that family and friends are all getting together and we aren't there to join in the fun. No matter where we are we always try and make every Holiday special for the girls. They are too young to realize what they are missing at home on that day, so they are just get excited to be celebrating anything. This year being in Moscow I didn't expect to celebrate too much. I did bring a few fun 4th items from home to help us feel the spirit, but other than that I thought it would be a quiet day. Earlier in the week our landlord (another American) told us about the annual 4th celebration that is thrown for expats. He gave us the information and we decided to try and find the place and join in the fun. It was at Kuskovo Park & Mansion. This estate dates back to 1743. It was the perfect place for a party. They had tons of fun things for all ages. Baseball, flag football, & volleyball tournaments earlier in the day. Lots of blow up bouncy/slide thingys for the kids. Face painting. Sexy dancers on a stage. Tons of vendors selling food and drink and just beautiful grounds to wander around. Then we sat near a man made lake to watch the fireworks. This is where Count Sheremetev used to have mock sea battles to entertain Moscow society. A lot of history in the spot we were sitting.

The girls were excited to see the fireworks. I wasn't sure if they would be scared of the loud noise, but they did great. The only bad part of staying for the fireworks was keeping the kids up so late. It doesn't get dark until close to 11pm. It was a treat for them and they did very well. As soon as we got in the car they all passed out. We all slept in Sunday and just enjoyed the 4th in our back yard and the pool.

Sexy girls dancing to a DJ.

Girls enjoying the music and getting their groove on.

Madison, Kira & MacKenzie (R)




I loved seeing our flag at the Festival.

MacKenzie, Kira & Madison (R)

Firework time.

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adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

hey kris. yeah, i know what you mean about getting homesick at holidays. i find holidays the hardest for sure. looks like moscow throws quite the american bash though... much better than anything we could find around here! :) your girls look so cute with their faces painted. they must have had a ball. i guess we have to count ourselves lucky to have our own little families to celebrate with, even though so many of the ones we love are far away. xx