Thursday, July 1, 2010


Our last trip to the store let the girls pick out some swimming goggles and snorkels. Surprisingly, they each picked out something different. You wonder why this is suprising? Well, when three girls can fight over one toy when there are 2 others that are exactly the same it always surprises me when they branch out and pick something different than their sisters. It is a relief in a way. This way they can't fight over them because they each picked out their own "special" pair.

Madison (L), MacKenzie & Kira
They were being so silly and funny. Madison thought it was gut busting funny that she had her undies on her head. And MacKenzie thought her capris on her head was the funniest thing she has ever seen. And then Kira (who was already dressed) decided if she put her kitty on her head she would be part of the fun.
Kira with froggy goggles.
Cliff and I couldn't stop laughing at her. She has the biggest eyes and through the goggles they really stand out. Makes me laugh just looking at the picture.

MacKenzie with orange glittery goggles.
MacKenzie has been pretty good at putting her face in the water. She thinks it is great to be able to see. The whole snorkel thing is still a work in progress.

Madison with Tweety Bird goggles.
Madison likes to wear her goggles and let one of her sisters pour water over her head or squirt her in her eyes.
My beautiful family. Madison, Kira & MacKenzie (R)


Grandma H said...

i like the pics.. crazy stuff.

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

hi kris! your family IS beautiful! and i love that the girls each chose different goggles... just goes to show how each one has a different take on life. don't you love the sweet mind and imagination of a child?!

American Russia Observations said...

Hi Kris,

It sounds like you are enjoying Moscow. Your blog is listed by Expat Blog. I like it as it is positive and fun.

I am American, my wife Russian, and we have lived in St Petersburg since year 2000. She belongs to the IWC. It has many activities for young moms and their children, and I'm sure Moscow Int Womens Club has many, too.

I write American Russia Observations. It contrast Russian and American behavior and reports on how things are in Russia now. Let me know what you think of the last few posts!

All the best,

Rob aka Loquacious