Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photo Shoot

We are finally back online. We have had problems with our internet and were offline for almost a week. It made me realize how much I look forward to my time with my computer while the kids play. And being so far from home I NEED the connection to my MN world. Even with the internet I can feel so disconnected from my family and friends, but without internet it was even worse! The kids and I went about our regular routine though -- play, eat, play, eat, play, eat, etc. Such a rough summer, right? Actually, it has been such a relaxing summer for me. We have this beautiful home with an amazing yard and I don't have to clean any of it. We have a cleaning lady that comes once a week. Let me tell you, this is such a treat for me! All I have to worry about is 1 husband, 3 kids, cooking, washing clothes and relaxing a bit. When I get home next month it will be hard to readjust to my normal chores. Until then I am going to ENJOY!
Love the flowers on the vines. This is in our yard.
Kira with her camera. She likes to take pictures of flowers.
MacKenzie and Madison looking for that perfect shot. They have had these cameras for two years now and still love to play with them.
A little kiss in the pool. Madison kissing MacKenzie.
Madison, MacKenzie & Kira

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Jenny said...

Kris, I'm so glad you are relaxing in Moscow and enjoying the trip. Sounds so great!