Friday, June 27, 2008

Ahmi's Birthday

We have been having such a fun time since Ahmi arrived. I think we have gone some place every day. You would think I would be dropping some poundage with all of the prep I have to do to just get me and my three girls out of the house. Hmmm, could it be all of the awesome food that I have been eating? We have eaten many delicious Korean meals, a seafood buffet, Thai, and Ahmi's homemade stir fry. I think I just gained a pound talking about it. LOL

Yesterday (June 26th) was Ahmi's 31st birthday. We got her a gift certificate for a pedicure (at a local Korean salon) plus 31,000 Won (1,000 Won for each year). She seemed excited about it. We spent a few hours at the beach in the morning and then had a relaxing afternoon with the kids. I also had Cliff pick up a Baskin Robins Ice Cream cake on the way home from work. So, our family of 5 plus 4 little Korean girls...aged 5-9ish (two of them are our neighbors) sang Happy Birthday to Ahmi. Ahmi and I then left Cliff with 7 ice cream eating kids so we could meet up with my new friend, Jenny, for Thai food.

Our neighbor girls (back right and front left)

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