Friday, June 27, 2008

Misc. Pictures

MacKenzie & Madison playing in the sand.
Kira LOVES the beach.
Madison with her new swimsuit. What a bathing beauty!
MacKenzie having a fun time in her new swimsuit. Too cute!
MacKenzie doing some advertising for Scott Greenseth! LOL
Madison & MacKenzie in front of Temple bell.
Can you see the spider webs connecting all of the shrubs? Creeped Ahmi and I out! Remind me to never visit a Temple in the evening! Aracnophobia!
Ajuma talked the Monk's cooks into letting us try some of their cooking. I think this is a rarity. Amazing the things we have experienced because of Ajuma!
Kris & Ahmi out for a walk with my family.
Ahmi taking in the Korean sunset.

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Jenny said...

I want an Ajuma!! You are so lucky to have met her and to have such amazing experiences.