Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fish Market

Ajuma took Ahmi and I shopping Monday evening. As soon as Cliff came home the three of us hopped in Ajuma's car and off we went. We went to a shopping district, had a great Korean dinner and then off to the fish market. I can't remember the last time I was out after dark.
HA HA Ajuma was a great tour guide. Lots of giggling done by all.
Ahmi, Kris & Ajuma
Kris & Ahmi in fish market. You could actually sit down and order any crazy sea creature you could think of and they prepare and serve it right there. The waitresses even wear floor length rubber aprons. I did see a lot of soju bottles on tables. Maybe to help a person forget about the smell. LOL
Walking down the streets there are stands set up with so many varites of fish and sea creatures. I sure wish I could bottle up the smell for you all!
A hard working Korean woman with todays catch. Fish anyone?
Ajum informed us that this was whale. Uhm, can you say illegal?

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