Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aaahhhh -- the joys of having a car!

As I have mentioned before I do not have my own car here in Korea. At first it was fine with me because I was a bit nervous venturing out alone with the girls and oh yeah, I was terrified of trying to read the signs. I am not sure what I was more afraid of -- getting lost or the girls having a melt down...while I was lost. But, I have become more adventurous and the girls have really become big girls who are pretty good when we do venture out without Daddy. Granted, most of the places we go are geared around their happiness. But, it feels so good (and a bit liberating) getting out. A lot of times I take along my book and read a bit while the kids play. I have dreamt about the days when I could bring the girls to a play ground and visit with another Mommy or kick back and read while the kids blow off some steam. But, the fun has come to an end. Today is my last day with a car. Boo Hoo! I guess we are back to walking or taking a taxi. Here are some photos of some of our outings:

Madison (L), Kira & MacKenzie

Rocks can be so much fun.
Madison (L), Kira, Vivian and MacKenzie having a little snack after some serious play time.
Madison (L), Kira & MacKenzie at an indoor play area.
Wooden ship the girls had fun playing on.


Grandma Hamilton said...

well, what a suprise, refreshing... Looks like all is having a good time.. lots of fun things for the girls to do.. and good pic shots mom...

ten days and counting.. wow..

Kelly said...

It looks like the girls are having a good time! Those blue eyes are amazing on all 3 of the girls. What beauties!!!