Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off to Ajuma & Ajoshi's for Lunch

Yesterday we were invited to Ajuma's and Ajoshi's house for lunch. Because both of us have been so busy we have not seen much of each other the past month. I think Ajoshi was really missing the girls. Especially Kira. They really have this sweet relationship that is based on a lot of Korean and a little English. And Ajuma is very willing to show me how she makes some of my favorite Korean dishes. I have not attempted anything yet, but maybe one day when we are back in MN and missing our Korean food I will give it a try.

MacKenzie (blue backpack), Kira & Madison walking to Ajuma's for lunch.
Madison (first), MacKenzie (middle) & Kira (back). Little ants marching one by one, hoorah, hoorah.
Kira & Ajoshi sharing a private moment together.
Look at that spread. Ajuma always makes my favorites. Denja chicg-a (soup), bulgogi (marinaded meat) and lots of spicy side dishes. She also made boiled chicken for the girls. They always devour it.
Kira holding the biggest Asian pear I have seen. Back in Minnesota they are about the size of an apple. Here they can be the size of a large cantaloupe. And are they delicious!


Grandma H said...

Trick or treat.. who could refuse her...

Love and hugs.. Grandma

ahmi said...

oh I so miss Korean food....the chicken, bulgogi, asian pears.....nummy.....ahmi