Sunday, October 5, 2008

Out & About

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather. After such a HOT summer, we are so liking the weather the past few weeks. MacKenzie & Madison were so excited to try out their new scooters or "duders" as they call them. The character head that you see is called Pororo. It is a Korean cartoon character. The girls have seen it on tv a few times and don't seem to mind that it isn't in English. And Kira was excited to see the push butterfly that Ajuma gave her earlier this summer. It has been put away for a while now, so it was like new to her. All three had a blast and M&M said their legs were tired after so much pushing and riding around. Needless to say, they all took a very good nap when we got home. Oh how Mommy loves that!

Kira, MacKenzie (middle) & Madison.
Kira with her push butterfly from Ajuma.
The girls following Mommy's trail.


Jenny said...

Too cute! Good idea to buy the scooters. We love Porroro and watch it every morning.

Grandma said...

looks like you have your ducks in a row! scooters are a good choice.. baby kira is keeping right up.. Grandma...

ahmi said...

Wow , girls, your mommy looks super skinny!