Monday, June 28, 2010

Frogs and Shades

Every day the girls seem to find something to entertain them. On this particular day it was a huge toad. I can always tell by the excitment in their voices when they are calling out, "MOMMY!" I know there isn't anyone hurt. I just know that they found something that will probably make my skin crawl. Some kind of creepy crawly creature. Frogs don't bother me, but big toads are kind of gross. But no need to worry on my part. I don't have to even touch the thing because all three girls are taking turns playing with it. And at one point I look over and Kira is pretty much making out with the thing. Eeeeewwwwwhhhhh! I had to give all three the lecture about germs and getting sick from kissing toads or any bugs for that matter!

Madison holding the toad.

Kira's turn to squish -- I mean hold the toad.

Kira looking adorable in Daddy's hat.

MacKenzie, Madison & Kira sportin their shades.

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~Lisa~ said...

Your girls are precious! And the toad, uh not so much, haha. Can't wait to follow you through your journey of motherhood and especially your life in Korea this winter.