Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Sunday was a relaxing day. Actually, both Cliff and I forgot it was Father's Day until after lunch. Not sure what was going on in my mind. I had the girls make cards for him earlier in the week and I had a gift from them as well. But, once we remembered we celebrated and gave Daddy lots of love.

It was a beautifully sunny day. The kids played in the pool a lot and just ran around outside all day. They helped Cliff wash his car along with their bikes. They must not have wanted it to end becuase when they had their bikes all clean they decided they would rub mud on them so they could wash them again and again and again. Funny stuff.

As a family we went for a bike ride around our neighborhood and made a stop at the playground. There were other kids there that we have seen before. The girls made a new friend named Dasha. She is probably 4 years old. The kids all played a Russian game where you have to wake the sleeping bear. Once the bear is awake it has to catch someone who then is the new sleeping bear. It was fun to hear the chanting rhyme in Russian (wish I could remember) and to see our kids playing along. Then it was home for baths and bedtime. Because it stays light here until 11pm I sometimes lose track of time in the evening. Before I know it it's 11pm and I am just crawling into bed knowing I will be tired in the morning. I guess that is what coffee is for. I just need that wind down time at night.

I think Cliff had a nice day. And we all enjoyed our family time




Girls helping Daddy wash his car.

Daddy snuggling with his baby girl.

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Mother of Multiples said...

Wow this is so cool.. I am now following..coming from the multiples facebook page that you visit. I love this Russia thing. It looks so much like where we lived in Mexico..gated and dont you love that everything is gated..weird huh..We also got a pool to put in our backyard there too. Wow I am going to enjoy following you. Good luck