Monday, June 14, 2010

Red Square

Saturday morning we got in the car around 8:30am to try and beat the traffic. We were off to explore Red Square. The night before Cliff took his parents into Red Square to see it all lit up at night. The girls and I would have gone with but it doesn't get dark here until after 11! So, I stayed home with the sleeping babies. From the looks of Diana's photos it is amazing at night too. Even though Harold and Diana had just made the trip we talked them into coming with for a day view of Red Square. I don't think they were dissapointed. The only bad part was the square was blocked off because it is a Holiday weekend here. Their indepence day is today (Monday), so they had a big stage set up for entertainment. This also meant that St. Basil's Cathedral was closed along with Lennon's tomb. We were hoping to see both. I guess we will have to head back and take lots of photos to share with Harold and Diana.

When first seeing St. Basil's Cathedral it all seems so unreal. It looks like an attraction at Walt Disney World or something. It is hard to really wrap your mind around the fact that you are actually standing in such a famous place. Growing up during the Cold War it is a place that I never imagined I would see in person. I know the girls don't grasp all of this, but some day they are going to look at the pictures and say, "Wow, I really got to see something amazing and so famous." I wonder if all of this early traveling will put the travel bug into them when they are adults.

It was such a hot day. Around 86. The girls were so good and didn't complain about all of the walking we did. They really are becoming such big girls and great travelers. By the time we all sat down for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe we were ready for something cold to drink and some food in our tummys. Cliff, myself and Diana all had an ice cold beer. It tasted so good. Harold opted for a Pepsi. Cliff's co-worker, Butch (a fellow American), also joined us for a beer.

On the walk back to our car we came across a little food market. Diana and I picked up some strawberrys and cherries. Not speaking (or understanding) any Russian it was kind of funny. But, we managed to walk away with our fruit and it didn't cost us an arm and a leg (we don't think) LOL They tasted great with dinner that night too.

When we got home the owner, Walter (another fellow American), was mowing the lawn. We visited with him a bit and even invited him to have some dinner. He seems like a nice man.

After dinner we just sat around and visited. We were all so tired, but knowing it was our last night we all sat around as long as we could. You know you never want that last night to end. We did watch the Americans vs. England in the World Cup. The commentary was in Russian, but that was okay. It adds to the atmosphere. :)

The next morning started at the crack of dawn -- okay that would be at like 4am since it gets light then -- but it did start early. Cliff wanted to leave pleanty early to take his parents to the airport. The traffic here can be horrendous and he didn't want to be stuck in hours of traffic. As it turns out traffic was not an issue. But, it was sad to see them go. They are such a big part of our everyday life and it is hard not to see them on a daily basis. But, Skype helps with that.

Today is our first day with just the girls and I. Grandma and Grandpa made it home to Minnesota and Cliff is working. The first day is usually the toughest, but so far so good. The girls are playing and letting me type this post. And our cleaning lady should be here soon (I know... rough, huh.)

Da svidanya (Goodbye).

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Tina in CT said...

Your pictures bring back lots of memories. Red Square is beautiful at night and especially when snow is falling. Even though I've been there numerous times, I've not been inside St. Basile's nor the Tomb. I don't have any desire to see the old body.

The gardens along the outer wall of the Kremlin were beautiful for Victory Day.

Enjoy exploring the city this summer although it is very hot and humid there (like NYC is here).

Check out the side bar on my daughter's blog as she lists great places to go (especially with kids). Her blog is americangirlsinmoscow. You can get to it from my blog. She's lived in Moscow for 6 years (way to long IMO).