Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pool and Hot Cocoa

Today started out sunny and a perfect temperature. The girls and I went for a bike ride before lunch. We had talked about them going for a swim in the pool Cliff put in the back yard. I told them after lunch would be a great time. Wouldn't you know it after lunch the clouds started to roll in and the temps dropped. But, the big girls were still up for a swim. Kira on the other hand opted to watch while covered up. They actually played longer than I thought they would. After getting dried and dressed I made us all some hot cocoa. The girls curled up for a cartoon and something warm to drink along with lots of marshmellows.

Back yard with pond (not full yet) and our blue swimming pool.

Madison, Kira & MacKenzie (R)

Kira relaxing in our hammock.

Madison picking a strawberry.

Kira, MacKenzie and Madison checking to see how big the tadpoles are in our pond.

Another fun day in Moscow.


Jenny said...

I just can't get over this house!! You totally deserve it after your last apartment.

Tina in CT said...

I'm Tamara's mother and got to your blog by your comment on her blog today.

I've been to Moscow visiting them 3 times and have never seen a house/neighborhood like yours. It is beautiful. You must live outside the city to have a real house and lovely yard.

I'll have to catch up on your blog.

Your 3 girls are beautiful!