Monday, February 16, 2009

Out For A Walk

Cliff took the girls out for a walk the other day while I was making dinner. They came across a Korean man with a cute puppy. Of course the girls had to stop and play with it for a bit. The man asked Cliff if he could take some photos of the girls. He then took down Cliff's e-mail address and sent these pictures. Cliff was surprised not to see any of Kira hugging the puppy. She is in love with puppies and kitties. She thinks every puppy's name is Uli (our niece, Lacey, has a dog named Uli -- and Kira loves her).

And because these look (and tasted) so good I had to share our purchase on our walk the other night after dinner. There are vendors of all kinds along the streets (fresh fish, fruit, veggies, pastries).
Madison (pink hat) & MacKenzie
Cliff with the girls.

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