Monday, February 2, 2009

Out For a Walk

What a beautiful day here in Pusan. It is probably 55 and sunny. The girls and I decided to go on a little nature walk around our apartment complex. We saw/heard lots of birds chirping. That is always a refreshing feeling in February. We also saw two helicopters fly right over us. The girls thought that was pretty neat. Thankfully, we didn't see any bugs or snakes. :) The girls were really good at letting me take their picture today and were really hamming it up. Enjoy.

Madison(L), Kira & MacKenzie (R) behind our apartment building. We have a moutain directly behind us with lots of trees and rocks. When it rains it is like a little waterfall.
Madison (L), Kira & MacKenzie(R) checking out the scenery. Madison was feeling very protective of Kira on this walk. It was pretty sweet to see. Especially since Kira thought her name was "No Baby" for the first 1 1/2 of her life. LOL
Kira, Madison (middle) & MacKenzie (R) hanging out on a bench. It is so funny because when we go for walks the big girls always complain that their legs hurt. We barely made it out the front door and we had to take a breatk. HA HA Perfect photo op.
Kira, Mommy, MacKenzie & Madison (far R)
Madison (L), Kira & MacKenzie(R). The sunglass girls. How cute is that?


jag said...

Oh man! These are so cute! I just bought shades for my kiddos and I think I like them WAY more than they do, but they humor me by wearing 'em. I'm so excited to follow your journey afar! Thanks for popping over to our blog.

Ahmi said...

The girls you look adorable! So fun when they let you take pics of them! Looks like you had a nice walk!

Grandma said...

nice to see you are able to get out a little bit..makes all feel much better.. those three are very close,, and will be forever..

Nicole O'Dell said...

Your girls are so affectionate with each other. How sweet! Cute pics!!

Triplet Mama said...

Your girls are just precious! You're a lucky mommy!

Jenny said...

The cutest - as usual. Can't wait to see you all very soon!