Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Milestone

NO MORE........Pull-ups for MacKenzie & Madison!

M&M wear pull-ups at bedtime, but have been sleeping in undies for the past week and have not had any accidents! We are so excited. Cliff and I bring them to the bathroom before we go to bed and then when Cliff gets up for work at 5:30am he takes each of them again. So far this has worked great. We leave for Minnesota on Saturday, so we will see what jet-leg does. Hopefully not a setback.

Some of you might be wondering why we would start a big change like this a week before we are to fly around the world. Well, we really have been waiting for the girls to tell us they were ready. We have asked numerous time of course, but they just didn't want to. When Dad asked them a week ago they jumped all over it.

We are so proud -- and excited. Now Kira is next. I don't think I will know what to do without having to deal with pull-ups -- NOT!

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Anonymous said... those big girls..
Hugs to all. Love Grandma