Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chopsticks and a Story

Cliff took this video from his camera not long after we arrived in Korea. MacKenzie and Madison are getting pretty good at using their chopsticks -- as you can see. It is so crazy how we have fallen back into our Korean lifestyle. We have rice almost every night and the girls use their chopsticks to eat it. Korean rice is very sticky and easy to pick up in clumps. I LOVE their rice!

Kira was busy playing when Dad caught her off guard with the camera -- hence the funny smile. She thought he was going to take her picture. I think she was trying to multi-task. Play and smile at the same time. Gotta love her sweet story though.

Happy weekend to all (remember we are 15 hours ahead of MN).

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Elizabeth said...

glad to find your blog! Your girls are so pretty! I can't imagine my girls being five! Im sure the time as just flown by for you!