Monday, March 1, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

Just wanted to write a brief recap of our lives since I last posted (mid-June).

We had a great summer in Minnesota. MacKenzie & Madison were old enough to spend the week at Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton's for the famous "Cousin's Week." Each year my in-laws take all of their grandkids (that are potty trained) for a whole week. They have been doing this for many years. Our girls are the youngest of the grandkids, so I was very excited for them to join in the fun. I also took advantage of this time to take a trip to Canada to see our great friend's the Bodnars. Since Kira wasn't potty trained at the time she joined me. This worked out great since they have 2 year old identical twin boys. Kira and the boys played great together and the Mom's got to enjoy themselves a bit.

Bonnie, Josh, Cole, Kira and me

The rest of the summer was spent at the beach, going to Grandma's, playing with cousins, a trip to the Zoo and The Children's Museum.

We welcomed Fall with open arms. It is always nice to see the leaves change and for football to begin (this was supposed to be the Viking's year!) And October brought another birthday for Kira. She turned 3 (but thinks she is 10). She is such a sweet, lovable and independant little girl. We are so blessed.

Mom, Kira & Dad

Fall also meant that MacKenzie and Madison would be starting pre-school. Pre-shool? What? When did my babies grow up? Milestones really can be bitter sweet. They are such great girls. They love to laugh and have fun. And it is so fun to see them with a sense of humor. We ar so lucky to have them as our daughters.

MacKenzie & Madison (R)

Kira was also enrolled in Early Childhood classes with Mommy. This is only once a week, but she LOVES going to "school."

That brings us to Christmas. What can I say? B - U - S - Y! But, so much fun. All 3 girls are really into the whole "opening presents" spirit. And let me tell you -- they are good at it! :) When I was a kid we had 2 days of presents. Well, our kids had like 6. Between families and getting together with friends. The big gift of the Season was new bikes from Santa.
They were pretty excited. Especially since they had sat on Santa's lap and asked for a new bike with a helmet. They knew they must have been really good girls to have gotten what they asked for. Which they really are good girls!
Madison, Kira & MacKenzie (R)

So, once Christmas was done I knew I had to kick it in high gear. MacKenzie and Madison had their 5th birthday party coming up, plus I was starting to pack for Korea. We had decided to spend a few months with Cliff in Korea. It is really tough for all of us to be apart. It is stressful at the time, but it always ends up working out just fine. Good thing I am an organized person.

What? Did you say we get to open more presents? Their cousin Sydney is helping them out.

I think their cake turned out so cute. I added the My Little Ponies since they LOVE horses.

That catches you up to January and being in Minnesota. I will post about or travels to Korea and will keep you posted on some of the fun things we have done since arriving. Our time is already closing in and we will be heading back to Minnesota in less than two weeks.

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