Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend in Busan, South Korea

Friday afternoon Cliff, myself and our girls loaded up our vehicle and made the 4 hour+ drive to Busan. Having lived there for a year we had some dear friends that we really wanted to spend some time with.

I believe that people come into our lives for a purpose. Living in as many countries as we have we have met some amazing people. Some stay in our lives only a short time while others stay for a lifetime. These people are friends that will stay for a life time -- even if I have to stalk them. HA HA

One day in early May of 2008 I got a knock on our door (we were living in Busan at the time). There was this sweet looking Korean woman. I assumed it would be one of those encounters where neither of us would understand the other and away she would go. She proceeded to speak to me in English asking, "can I see your children?" I was confused. I didn't know her and she wanted to see my children? I told her they were napping. She said she would come back in 2 hours. I thought that would be the end of that story, but in fact it was the beginning of our story together. This was the day we met our special Korean "Ajuma." (Ajuma means married woman or aunt. And Ajoshi means married man or aunt.) You guessed it -- she came back that day and many, many days after. She was/is a great friend to me and a wonderful Grandma figure to our girls. She is one of the most caring and giving people I have ever met. So, that being said, of course we had to make the trip to see her and her wonderful husband. We spent a few hours at her house eating, visiting and enjoying our time with them. Ajuma and Ajoshi -- thank you for a wonderful lunch and for a lifetime of friendship!

After our visit with Ajuma and Ajoshi we went to the golf course Cliff worked on in Busan. It is always great to see the work that my husband does. He is great at what he does and I am very proud of him.

Our evening was saved for our good Norwegian friends, Sarah, Svein-Olav and their children Cornelia (6) and Gustav (4). And a wonderful Minnesota couple, Troy, Malissa and their daugther Sabina (5). Sarah was nice enough to have all of us over for dinner at her place. Cliff and I knew it would an evening of fun. The adults get along so well and the children play great together. And that's what happened. Too much fun was had by the adults and children alike. It was a late night for us all, but so worth it! Sarah and Malissa -- you both are so much fun. Malissa, I still am having a hard time getting that saying out of my head that your Mother-in-law always said. Makes me laugh every time. And Sarah you are a dancing fool (on and off the dance floor). You are all amazing and we can't wait for that Norway trip that Sarah has all mapped out for our 3 families!

Now that our wonderful weekend is over I have started to mentally pack for our trip back to MN. My lists are started and clothes are being washed. Next, the suitcases will come out and away I pack. It makes me tired thinking about it.


Vivian said...

First, you are so lucky to have found your ajumma in Korea. We have Vivi's special teacher, Mrs. Park, but since she doesn't speak English I am afraid that over time we are going to lose touch with each other. Not yet, though! Second, that dinner with so many of my favorite people and that mess of kids on the floor looked like a blast! Wish we could have been there, too!

Jenny said...

Wow, I am so jealous you were able to relive all of those fun times together. I'm so happy you were able to see Ajuma again too. I bet it won't be the last - maybe she will come to see you one day!

Kristyn said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. What a fascinating life, living between two countries. I look forward to reading about your travels. It is neat to 'meet' someone with twin girls and another younger little girl. We are having the more babies discussion now and I just don't know many people who have twins first and then have more kiddos. :)