Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What About Me?

I figured I would do a little update on myself as well.

I finally finished all of my Praxis tests and received my teaching license last year. I am now licensed to teach K-8. I was so excited to get past those hard tests and to have that license in my hands! Since MacKenzie & Madison start Kindergarten next year I knew it was getting closer to the day I get to have my own classroom. The excitment of it! So, that being said I figured I better get some classroom time under my belt. When I graduated from college I was very pregnant with my twins. And I went into preterm labor the day after graduation. And since then I have been a SAHM. So, I put my name on the substitute list at our local school. I was subbing the next week. I did this until December. That was when all of the craziness of X-mas and packing began. I plan on putting my name back on the list once we get back to Minnesota. I really enjoyed it.

I also went to a few Viking's games this year. We have season tickets (along with two of Cliff's sisters and my cousin and her husband). We all have seats together. Normally I try to go to all of the games, but it just gets harder to do that (on me more than anything..LOL). We had quite the season. It was supposed to OUR year!!

Cliff has been working away. Hopping from one golf course to the next. The past few years have kept him in Korea. Right now that is where golf courses are booming. We are hoping it starts back up in Europe soon. Come on economy. Truthfully, we are just happy he is working. A lot of shapers aren't right now.

Other than that is has been our normal day to day life.

Me and my hubby. We kicked the Packers butts this night!


Jenny said...

Great post. Maybe one day we can all be in Europe together! I would love that.

Vivian said...

Glad to see the blog back in action! Congratulations on earning your teachers license!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Your girls are so beautiful! I can't wait to find time to read more of your blog! (I am an identical twin myself!)